The immediate future calls for creating an ecosystem with customers, partners and suppliers that contributes to generating new business models, more scalable and adapted to the growing needs of the market. In Dingus we decided to adopt a philosophy that assures us to be a reference in strategic alliances. And precisely the “open innovation” strategy ensures that we exceed the usual limits of cooperation with external companies, with a clear objective of accelerating our R & D projects.

And it is in this scenario that an important approach to has just taken place with different meetings, in which both companies have discussed their possibilities of collaboration. The first of these took place in the corporate offices of Dingus in the technology park of Mallorca (ParcBit), during the visit to the island made by a score of senior managers of the expert in e-commerce travel around the world. At the meeting we had the opportunity to present the company in detail and outline some of the main lines of action on the future process of digital transformation that we will accelerate in 2020 “with the aim –explained the CEO and co-founder of Dingus, Jaume Monserrat– of ensuring growth in the market and solutions that involve greater synergy with technological and business partners, strategic for our customers“. In this sense, we were able to share data, vision and expectations with the managers of the Amsterdam-based group, on a day that we valued as “highly productive and rewarding”.

The second meeting between Dingus and took place one day later at the platform offices in Barcelona between Eddy Veldhuizen and Leonnelle Le Guillou (Director of Connectivity Partnerships and Area Manager Connectivity Western Europe), Jaume Monserrat and Dingus Business Development Manager API, Milena Galindo. First, a meeting was held to present our company and medium-term positioning, as well as the objectives and future vision regarding technological evolution.  Later we participated together with Rentals United CEO, Jame Burrows, in a discussion panel moderated by Laura León and Laia Puchal (both as Connectivity Partner Business Manager) followed in internal circuit and in streaming by delegations. Undoubtedly an opportunity to share all the work that different organizations are proposing to respond to the traveler of the twenty-first century and our customers.

For Dingus it is a satisfaction to be able to share opinions and strategies, knowing first hand those of the multinational group in reference to its connectivity partners. We are especially pleased to have positioned ourselves in the top of Channel Managers for the firm’s hotels in Spain by volume of overnight agreements and integrated channels.