• The meeting for entrepreneurs and researchers from the University of the Balearic Islands focused on the way in which Europe faces the digital transformation of the tourism sector

As president of the International Cluster of Information and Communication Technologies applied to Tourism, the CEO of Dingus has just participated in the conference ‘UIB with Europe’, two sessions of the Balearic university, the University-Business Foundation, the Santander Chair and Enterprise Europe Network for university researchers and entrepreneurs to know the opportunities and technological tools that drives the digitalization, and that can serve them to focus their international projects.

Turistec, an ICT-tourism cluster based in the Balearic Islands of which Hitt Group is a partner, has evolved into a reference with private and heterogeneous management, which welcomes the most innovative profiles to respond to the growing need for technology as a strategic value in tourism. In addition, the holistic vision by which we are governed in the tactic of digital transformation has talent as a key piece, since it is a real need of companies”.

With more than 70 members, including partners, entities and research centres, Turistec already represents “almost 600,000 workers and has a GDP impact of more than 45,300 M€“. Currently, according to sources from the University of the Balearic Islands itself, 80% of the existing information in the world is geolocated, and this leads to raise the challenge of accuracy and data quality, along with very documented information in the field of megadata. This is “a great challenge for companies like Dingus that are involved in the challenge of responding to the technological needs of the tourism industry. That’s why we feel comfortable at Turistec, a growing ecosystem of reference technology companies and entities that sit at the same table to define a common strategy in this complex sector and its challenge of digital transformation.




The cluster chaired by Monserrat faces this scenario with four strategic lines of action: the Turistec development programme (Insights 2020), the development of value offered to the market on behalf of the partners (360 Value Review), the Extra Mile to promulgate the value of the product and the acquisition of new business lines, and a Project Office in charge of developing and managing services to increase competitiveness.