Service and development company alliances

We have always cultivated an active policy with the relevant actors of the tourist market. Therefore, we can offer a range of diversified services that enable to meet different needs.

Andalucia Lab

Andalucía Lab is an investigation, knowledge and demonstration centre, where innovation, competitiveness and accessibility form a management backbone. Designed to help Andalusian SMEs, it encompasses services and tools that improve significantly environment competitiveness.

The agreement signed at the beginning of 2011 remains in force and is now strengthened with the Centro de Innovación Turística de Andalucía (Tourism innovation Centre for Andalusia). From January of 2011, DINGUS has been co-operating with AndaluciaLab in the GATHO (Gestor Andaluz para el Turismo Hotelero, or Andalusia Tourism Hotel Manager) platform, which works with a selection of Andalusian hotels, trying out new commercialization models that will bring competitiveness to both product and destination. The synergies created between AndaluciaLab and Dingus staff help us have a closer view of all the needs and issues that coexist in the sector.