Service and development company partnerships

We have always cultivated an active policy with the relevant actors of the tourist market. Therefore, we can offer a range of diversified services that enable to meet different needs.


Dingus is an associate member of Turistec, an international cluster of companies dedicated to the production and implementation of Information Technology for the Tourism Industry. Participation in this association of undertakings guarantees anticipation of breakthrough technologies and its position among the main ICT companies in Europe, thus sharing both market challenges and needs for innovation with the most important entities within the tourism sector. Undertakings as highly rated as Iberostar Hotel & Resorts, Logitravel, Globalia Sistemas, Riu Hotels, Grupo Piñero, amongst others, are associate members of the cluster.



CustomSolutions, a company specialized in online marketing, centres its work in web positioning, social media optimization, apart from iPhone and Facebook application development.

CUSTOM SOLUTIONS is our strategic partner for development of our ROOMONLINE solution. Its gained experience in Online Marketing consulting and results obtained with multiple clients allow us to offer a first-level technical solution to the market.

Borisgrafic, a company that has been working in the area of communication strategies for over fifteen years, specializes in the development of identity and visibility aspects, value creation, customer loyalty and brand awareness. Due to completed projects, they have wide experience in hotels, chain, destinations and institutions.

It has coordinated the ROOMLINE creative project in co-operation with CUSTOM SOLUTIONS, contributing with all its core knowledge to the meticulously designed of all the elements that are part of this powerful solution for direct selling.